The African Queen

Private Luxury Tour

The perfect getaway for two takes you on an exhilarating three day wildlife safari across the savannah to the edge of the rift valley. Here, the Victoria Nile cascades down the valley wall as the roaring Murchison Falls, across the valley floor and flows serenely into Lake Albert.

Take a drive across the great savannah plains home to over seventy species of mammals including lions, giraffes and elephants and cruise along the Nile river where crocodiles, hippos and a variety of bird species live.

Enjoy mouthwatering cuisine and tranquil nights by the river at the five-star Paraa Safari Lodge.

Day 1

Rhino Trek
Early in the morning, we’ll pick you up from your lodgings in Kampala and drive North towards Masindi. We’ll make a stop at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary home to the endangered African rhino. The sanctuary covers an area of 70sq kilometres and in addition to the rhinos is also home to over forty mammalian and reptilian species including monkeys, hippos, crocodiles and numerous bird species. You’ll trek the sanctuary with a trained guide and see the rhinos and other animals up close. After lunch, you’ll take the Paraa ferry from the southern to the northern bank of the Victoria Nile alighting twenty five minutes later followed by a five minute drive to Paraa Safari Lodge.

Paraa Safari Lodge is located within the park and was established in 1954 and offers a unique blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure. Its luxurious pool overlooks the winding River Nile below, which was the setting for the classic Hollywood movie “The African Queen” (starring Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart).

Travel Time: 8 Hours
Activities: Rhino Trek
Meal Plan: Lunch and Dinner

Day 2

Game Drive & Boat Cruise
We’ll pick you up from the lodge early in the morning and embark on a game drive to catch the animals enjoying their morning meal. We’ll drive through the park following the instructions of an experienced guide and encounter lions, buffaloes, elephants, hippos, different kinds of antelopes, warthogs, and many species of birds and butterflies. We’ll return to the lodge to enjoy a late breakfast, explore its surroundings and lounge by the pool.

After lunch, you’ll take a boat down the Victoria Nile river to the base of the Murchison falls. The ride takes you along the extensive papyrus edged Victoria Nile home to many animals and birds. Expect to encounter hippos, crocodiles, buffalo and other animals that come to the river for a drink and a dip.

Activities: Game drive & boat cruise
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Day 3
Murchison Falls NP – Kampala

Return to Kampala
After a delicious breakfast, we’ll drive to the top of the falls. At this point the Victoria Nile squeezes through an eight metres wide gorge and plunges forty three meters with a thunderous roar into the “Devil’s Cauldron”, creating a rainbow.

We’ll then drive back to Kampala with a brief stop for lunch in Masindi at Masindi hotel, the oldest hotel in Uganda built in 1923 by the now defunct East Africa Railways and Harbours CompanyErnest Hemingway was involved in two plane crashes at Murchison Falls and Butiaba airstrip, within the space of one week and recuperated at Masindi Hotel.

Travel Time: 7 Hours
Activities: Drive to Top of the falls
Meal Plan: Breakfast & Lunch

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park lies at the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley, where the sweeping Bunyoro escarpment tumbles into vast, palm-dotted savannah. First gazetted as a game reserve in 1926, it is Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area, hosting 76 species of mammals and over 450 of birds.

The park is bisected by the Victoria Nile, which plunges forty five meters over the remnant rift valley wall, creating the dramatic Murchison Falls, the centrepiece of the park and the final event in an eighty kilometre stretch of rapids. The mighty cascade drains the last of the river’s energy, transforming it into a broad, placid stream that flows quietly across the rift valley floor into Lake Albert. This stretch of river provides one of Uganda’s most remarkable wildlife spectacles. Visitors to the riverbanks include elephants, giraffes and buffaloes; while hippos, crocodiles and aquatic birds are permanent residents.

Notable visitors to the park include Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway and several British royals.

Notes and Extras

The package includes the following:

  • Full board accommodation
  • Game drive, boat cruise, rhino trek
  • Transport to and fro Murchison Falls National Park in a fuelled four wheel drive safari car
  • Park entrance fees
  • Lunch en route
  • Bottled mineral water in the car

Please carry with you the following;

  • Sun glasses
  • Camera
  • Light and heavy clothes
  • Hiking boots
  • Swimming costume
  • Insect repellent


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