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Press Release

September 23,2014


Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) wishes to clarify that Uganda does not have and has not been affected by any case of the Ebola virus. No case has been reported within the borders of the country. The government of Uganda has set up screening sites at all borders of the country for travelers from affected regions and any suspected cases as precautionary endeavors. Uganda however continues to be vigilant to ensure that no case comes at all the border entry points.

UTB wishes to inform a” travelers, tourists, travel agencies, the general public and the international community that visitors are free to visit the country. The affected areas are far away from Uganda (Approximately the distance from Vancouver in Canada to Havana in Cuba). We therefore wish to assure a” tourists and visitors to Uganda of a healthy no-Ebola destination.

Visitors are welcome to visit a peaceful, beautiful, bountiful and exciting destination.

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